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When Local AC Repair first opened more than 20 years ago, we were a small family business, but our goal was a lofty one: to be the very best air conditioner warranty company in Florida.
As time went by, we grew our business throughout the United States, and today we serve as a national warranty repair company for air conditioners manufactured by Rheem, American Standard, Goodman and Trane.

There are several reasons why we have enjoyed the success we have, and they begin with the people we employ. There are some air conditioning companies who will hire the first people who walk in the door with an HVAC license, but we do not operate that way. We run thorough background checks on each applicant, so that we know that the people we send out on jobs are not going to cause negative repercussions. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, our employees enter the homes of our clients, and that represents a significant amount of trust on your part. Air conditioning duct work and vents go in just about every room of a house, which means that our employees have access to the personal space of our clients. We do not want to abuse that trust by sending in people who are not aboveboard. We would end up taking full responsibility, but we do not want our clients to endure that sort of treatment. Second, every employee that heads out the door to work for us has our name on their trucks and on their uniforms. If one of our employees helps himself to your jewelry, you will forever associate that black mark with our name, and that is not how we want our company portrayed. You deserve the very best in customer service, and that includes having air conditioning repair personnel with sterling background checks.

Us vs. other air conditioning repair companies

You may have seen some other air conditioning companies that send out employees in their own personal vehicles or send them out in trucks that look like they either date back to the Cold War or have just gone mudding before heading out for the day. We ensure that all of our trucks (and employees) are clean before they go out on jobs each day. You don’t want a filthy repair truck sitting in front of your house all day long, and we don’t want a dirty truck sitting anywhere with our name on it. As a result, we make sure that everything is spic and span before we send it out into public.
One reason why Local AC Repair has become so popular is that we can work directly with you, the homeowner, as well as your home insurer or your home warranty company. We are an approved agent for all of the major home insurance companies as well as the home warranty companies, which means that we can bill those companies directly. With other companies, you end up sitting and waiting for the insurer or the warranty company to reimburse you for expenses that can cost thousands of dollars. With Local AC Repair, you only have to pay your deductible or repair service charge, depending on your service agreement with your insurer or home warranty company.

The last reason why Local AC Repair has found success is its total commitment to customer service. No one likes waking up in the middle of the night to a house that is 85 degrees because the air conditioner has conked out. We know what that frustration and anxiety feel like, and we are committed to completing repairs quickly, efficiently and right the first time. We stay on site until you are happy with the work that we have performed, and in the rare event that something goes wrong after we leave, we return promptly and stay until the issue has been resolved. We rely on our clients to provide us with repeat business and referrals; without those sources of new business, we would not have been able to grow like we have.

If you have a warranty or insurance repair claim that involves air conditioning work, give Local AC Repair a call today. We have spent the last decades building a solid reputation of outstanding customer service and superior efficiency, because we have never forgotten that each customer is important. Starting as a family business, we built our clientele one relationship at a time, and we still pursue that philosophy. We have a list of satisfied customers whom you are free to contact as references. We stand behind our work, and we look forward to helping you!

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