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Air Conditioning Network

Local ac repair is a Florida based HVAC company with a very extensive network coverage. We have more than 20 years of experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Our contractors  are highly skilled and experienced in handling various types of air conditioning units. Our services range from installation to maintenance of air conditioners and central heating systems to keep you and your family comfortable all through the year.

Why Choose to Work with Our Network of Contractors

Air-Con-Network-150x150First and foremost, local ac repair takes pride in picking the best brains in the HVAC industry. We work with trustworthy technicians who have personal etiquette and strong work ethics. Before selecting them to become part of our network, we usually conduct a thorough background check to ascertain their suitability for service. The background check covers the following areas.

Education Verification – We check and confirm their academic qualifications. This enables us to select only those who have met the threshold that we require.

Employment Verification – Where the contractors are joining us from another company, we ensure that we verify and ascertain their employment conduct with the previous employer.

National Criminal and Records Check – To ensure that the contractors and installers have not been involved in past incidences of crime, we confirm with the National Criminal Department.

Professional Certification and Licensing – We go through their certificates and licenses to ensure that they are genuine and allow them to engage in service delivery. This protects our clients.

Experience and Expertise
With more than 20 years of experience under our belt, we have learned both the theoretical and practical framework of the various HVAC systems in operation today. We have become very familiar with the different scenarios that constantly trouble our clients and as such better placed to craft the best solutions. The time we have been in the industry has also helped us to build a strong connection with our clientele base.

Excellent Customer Service
Each partner in our network of contractors has been trained on how to listen and document the needs of our clients. Depending on the nature of the problem, the contractors through their response mechanisms will ensure that they immediately arrest whatever situation it is that has risen. In every cluster of contractors, we have put together technicians with different skills so as to make them a complete unit within themselves. This ensures that you are attended to satisfactorily.

Licensed Network of Installers
Local ac repair has ensured that each of the installers deployed in the various parts of the vast State of Florida has the necessary licensing to enable him operate there.

In addition, many of them have passed the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exams. This gives them the mandate to work with ozone depleting refrigerants.

Air Conditioning  Insured Technicians

Because of the complex and highly specialized nature of the air conditioning profession, we have taken it upon ourselves to license our contractors. This ensures that our clients are safe whenever they hire our contractors to work in their premises. The 3 most important insurance covers that we have provided for our employees include; general liability, professional liability and commercial liability covers. In the event your property is damaged accidentally or otherwise during our repair works, our insurance company pays for the entire damage. You will not have to incur cost.

Being a local company, we understand the needs of the locals and can easily connect with them. We invest heavily in the cultivation of a personal touch with our clients in order to build long lasting and healthy relationships. To find out more about our regional offices within your area, you can always give us a call or write us an email and we shall respond promptly.

5 Good Reasons to Call Local AC Repair: 305-974-1255

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  • Emergency AC Repairs in 1 Hour in Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • AC Installation Specialists, all Central AC Models and Brands
  • Local AC Repair helps you with your insurance claims
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